Several weeks ago when I was out of town, my mother decided to dump several boxes of books and other various things at my house.  I wasn’t the least bit thrilled about it.  They sat in our garage until yesterday when I finally decided to dig in and start going through them.

I stumbled upon and old scrapbook.  Knowing that my mother isn’t really into scrapbooking, I sat down and curiously began going through it.  This was my Grandma’s scrapbook!  (My dad’s mom)  Why did my mother have this!?  This book has been missing for a long time.  My Aunt has been searching high and low for it ever since my Dad died over 6 years ago.  My mom denied having it… I knew I didn’t believe her.

My Grandma Twyla was a beautiful soul.  She was my favorite relative.  She was hip, nothing like a typical grandma type.  As a child, I even had birthday party sleep over’s at her house instead of my own home!  It was wonderful to see all of these pictures of her youth, followed by my dad and aunt as small children.  Toward the back of the book there are pictures that I don’t recognize.  Entire families that I know nothing about…and no one is around to tell me.  My Great-Grandma and Great- Aunt died within the last 2 years.  They could have told me who all of these people were, but my mom chose to keep this scrapbook to herself and now I will never know.  The feeling that I have inside about this can be compared to a death.  These pictures will forever be a mystery to me.  They are my heritage and strangers at the same time.  It’s a sad reality.

Life Lesson:  If you scrapbook, this proves just how important it is to do the journaling!  Someday, it might be your pictures that are found and looked at like treasure.  Don’t make the same mistake she did.


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