Boy #3 turns 7 today.  Happy birthday little guy!

I hate how his birthday sneaks up on us.  We just get done with the Princess’s birthday, blink and SMACK there it is. 

Anyway, I feel guilty that his official party is going to be a few weeks late.  I don’t know why?  I mean, it’s not like he’s going without celebration. First of all, Grandma took him out for a special dinner and presents last night.  Today he’s getting cupcakes at school.  (I stayed up very late last night baking just for him!)  Then, we’re celebrating as a family out to dinner to his favorite place!  Finally, we’ll have cake and ice cream for dessert at home. 

His “Horseback Riding” birthday party won’t be for a few weeks though.  In fact, I am still waiting for the place to call me back to set up a date.  He doesn’t seem to mind the the official party is going to be late, so I guess I should let it go?

ARGH… easier said than done.  Bad mommy-bad mommy!

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