My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms.  I could do 100 tons of laundry, vacuum 500 houses (especially now that I have a Dyson) and clean 1000 dishes before wanting to clean a bathroom!


I suppose having 4 males in the house has something to do with it.  Notice I didn’t refer to my 3 boys…why?  It’s simple, my husband is just as bad as they are.


Why is it that even grown men can’t AIM their stream into the toilet???  Why is it, when pee splashes out onto the seat, they never seem to notice?  It’s frustrating.


In our house we’ve established a rule to help keep the bathroom mess to a minimum.  The boys are not allowed to use the “Guest Bathroom”.  This bathroom is the one with easy access to the Kitchen and Family room.  It’s the bathroom that guests are guided to when duty calls. (Hence the name Guest Bathroom)  It’s the only bathroom I make sure to keep up on. 


The boys a bathroom they share. My husband and I have our own huge master bathroom, so the rule works for us.  (Plus, then when the Master Bathroom isn’t up to my standards I just use the Guest Bathroom!)


Even with the house rule, eventually I have to clean the boy’s bathroom.  It’s scary in there!!  Now that they are older, I make them go in and clean it themselves.  Of course, their standards are not nearly as high as mine, so basically it’s just a primer.  After they’ve gone in and cleaned it, I can go in behind them.  That way, it’s not nearly as disgusting as it was. 


Whoever invented those toilet brushes is a godsend.  I love those things.  I must admit, years ago when they first came on the market, I thought it was the most ridiculous idea.  Now, I am hooked. They make bathroom cleaning almost bearable. 


Hmmm, now if they could just come up with something to keep little boy pee in the toilet and not on the floor!!


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