Happy Saturday!

I know most of you are checking in to find out our winner of the LTDchix Giveaway. We had a total of 48 entries. (One person accidentally posted her entries under the wrong post. I'm understanding like that so I counted her entries as #47 and #48)

Sooo thanks to Random.org we have our winner!

#40 (Anonymous) said...

I'm all for the shopping mom!

6/12/09 10:13 AM

If that's you, please get back to me with your name, address and phone number and we'll get you your awesome LTDchix shirt right away.

Thanks goes to all of you for entering and helping support a fabulous company.

**For all of you that didn't win, LTDchix is have a special promotion this weekend. Enter Promo Code: beach when checking out for 10% off!!**

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  1. ashleykimble said...

    thanks for including the airhead that commented on the wrong post;) and thanks for the code...I'm heading over there to check them out!  


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