What was I thinking????

It was adorable to watch as she sat there with her finger resting carefully over the bridge of her nose, thumb inserted in her mouth, sucking away so diligently. FREAKING ADORABLE I tell you.

Oh, and the convenience of it!!

Oh boy, let me tell you how nice it was to never lose behind the crib or under the seats of the car.

Yep, no getting up stumbling around in the dark to replace said pacifier in mouth at 2am either! It was never dropped on the filthy grocery store floor.

I thought I must have been nuts to encourage my boys to use pacifiers when they were babies, this thumb-sucking thing suddenly seemed so much easier.


Um.... I take it all back.

She'll be 4 soon and her thumb is still attached to her face.

So how do I break her of the habit? I've never had to do this before. My boys were all pacifier babies. They all self weaned off those but heck, if all else fails you just toss the darn thing in the trash can! Somehow I don't think tossing her thumb in the trash can would be such a good idea?

I've been looking into options and it seems there are a couple option out there. First there's the nasty flavored stuff you paint on the nail. It doesn't get very high reviews though. Seems the kids just keep on sucking! Then there's the Thumb Guard. They eliminate the pleasurable sensations of sucking...

But it's a whooping $75!!

There's also the idea that the blankie and thumb go hand in hand.

You see, she never sucks her thumb without her blankie. She holds the tag of the blanket in her hand and then sucks her thumb.

So in theory, if we lose the blankie we'll lose the.... But WAIT this is treading on thin water.

You see, I was traumatized by my mother at a very young age when she took my blankie away. I don't think I ever got over it. Perhaps that's one reason why our relationship is so strained today. (Read this post) I just can't see doing that to my daughter. No way- no how.

Do you have any suggestions????

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  1. slothslady said...

    My mom put jalapeno on Stephanie's thumb. Didn't work though! :( There's is always good old fashioned waiting. I was so glad my girls didn't suck thumbs because I was also aware that throwinf out the thumb wasn't an option!  

  2. Sharla said...

    I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help since I've been worrying about this with my FOUR AND A HALF year old son. My oldest used a pacifier and so did my twins but I can't get him to stop. He even seems to want to when he remembers, it's just habit now. So let me know if you find a good way. All the traditional ways haven't worked for us. Good luck!  

  3. Shelia said...

    Kristen, have you identified when she is most vulnerable to sucking her thumb? That can help you strategize how to approach the situation... like if it's instinct vs a comfort thing. Also, my experience is right with your instinct as to the link between the thumb & the blankie. Have you tried taking her on a special "mother-daughter" trip to the store to have her pick out a "special" new cuddle bear or doll (like at Build-a-Bear or such)? That might ease your (and her) fears of removing the blanie.

    I hope you find a solution that works... and know I do sympathize with you!  

  4. Cole Twins said...

    Hey Kristen,
    Your pic looks just like Carson! The thumb and the blankie. PLEASE let me know what works for you....I am dreading the day When I have to try and take it away!  

  5. Hannah said...

    Thank you Mrs. Kristenfor entering My giveaway! My younger sister is fixing to be six and still sucks her fingers. She doesn't suck her thumb she sucks the two mmiddle and indrx finger.

  6. MOMMY-MOMO said...

    My boy is a pacifier baby and i'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna stop that? So you say they weaned themselves? hmmm? The thumb sucking...you're right seems way easier at first, but i would have never thought about how to wean it? I will stay tuned for good advice...  

  7. Dorsey said...

    Good luck gal! My mother tried hot sauce, but then I just stuck my thumb in the hot sauce and ate it that way instead of with chips..HA!  


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