If you're ever bored on a Friday afternoon, drive down to your local Social Security Administration office and people watch.

Thanks to Rumblings and Bumblings I realized I needed to change the Princess's Social Security Card to reflect her new name. (Yes, the name that was changed over a year ago now!! Oops)

We haven't done our taxes yet, but had I not read M's post, they would have been rejected just like theirs was. Needless to say I was relieved to find out before hand.

Anyway, I show up to the SS office and I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor. There were SO. MANY. PEOPLE! I walked up and took a number. My number was N37, I looked up at the screen and they were on number N229. YEAH. The numbers would go up to 300 and then flip over and start a 1 again. There were also people holding R numbers AND people that had appointments that didn't have a number.

I looked around and saw people from every walk of life. It's not every day you see such a mix of people. Plus, there were just so many of us waiting in this huge room I felt like I was in a foreign Country and trying to gain access to the United States.

I waited there for nearly 3 hrs.... 3 hrs people!!!! When I was finally called back I presented my documents to the woman and she began looking through them. She abruptly stopped and declared I needed another form of ID for Princess.

Okay, I had already brought her 2 Birth Certificates, (the original, and the new one with our names in place of bio's) her current SS card AND the Certified Adoption Decree. SHE'S 3 lady! How many more forms of ID could she possibly have??? She tells me I needed to bring her shot record. Ummmmm no. I brought all the documentation I was told I would need. She and I went back and forth and in the end she allowed me to proceed, but boy for a minute there I thought I was going to have to kick her ass. (After sitting for 3 hours NO ONE is in a particularly good mood)


While there, I changed my Social Security card to reflect my married name too. We've only been married 11 years now. *GIGGLE* Yes, yes I admit it. I am a procrastinator.

I hope to never have to set foot there again. EVER.

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  1. Shelia said...

    Alright... I've been procrastinating about getting mine changed to my married name, too. From the sounds of your experience, I think I may make an appointment! You're a saint for waiting 3 hours and not actually wringing someones neck before you got out of there!  


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