Today, marks the 1st Anniversary of Princess's Adoption Day. Boy does time fly!!!

I wanted to post a new wonderful picture of her to mark this day, but you'll have to settle for one I took 2 weeks ago.

Why? Well, Princess is very sick right now. She's been running a temp for 5 days. Her neck is stiff and one of the glands is so swollen, her head is cooked over to the side. Motrin and Tylenol don't bring her temp down much or make her feel better.

The Doctor feels she has some kind of Bacterial infection and so we're pushing the Antibiotics. I hope she get's to feeling better really soon so I can stop worrying. (And of course so she feels better!)

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  1. slothslady said...

    Wow! I can't beleive that it has been a year! As far as princess, isn't the doctor concerned about meningitis? Stiff neck is SO a sign. I hope the antibiotics work quick otherwise I would be on my way to the ER. I hope she gets better soon.  

  2. Megan said...

    She's beautiful, Kristen! Congratulations on the one year anniversary! I hope she feels better soon.  

  3. Michelle said...

    I have to agree with slothslady. When I read her symptoms to Darren that was the first thing that he said also. You know, the nasty "M" word. (I am going to call you)

    However, Happy 1 year Anniversary!!! I love this pic of her!!!  

  4. Ashley said...

    Aww- Get better soon Princess!! I love the pic. I dont think she could get more beautiful!! Perfect!!  

  5. Shelia said...

    Hope the Princess gets better soon. And congrats on the 1 year mark. I know first hand how exciting it is to get to that point... we celebrate my nephew's two "days" (a mid-November birthday, and an early November adoption day a week shy of exactly one year later).

    Here's to many more wonderful years to count!  

  6. Alicia said...

    I hope Princess is feeling better soon.

    As for my puppy...I'm beginning to think the same thing.

    I'm not sure how much longer my nerves can deal with this.  

  7. Dorsey said...

    I hope she's feeling better this week! And happy late adoptionday from BloggyWorld  


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