I know you're thinking, what's this? No BSM, no Deep Thought Tuesday!?

I'm sorry. I'm busy packing and cleaning and getting ready for a 12 hr road trip with 4 children and a sleep deprived husband. Now doesn't that sound like FUN!?!


We are headed back to Chicago as my son NJ has a followup appointment with his Neurosurgeon. This is a 3 month post-op checkup. Gosh, I can't believe it's been that long! He's had ups and downs along the way and unfortunately, he's currently in a downward slope. I'm really glad we have this appointment because I'm starting to really get concerned about some of his recent symptoms. I hope and pray that nothing's broken or malfunctioning. Of course, it's probably just the weather! (If all of this is new to you and you'd like to read more about NJ see his Caringbridge linky dink on my sidebar ------>)

I am looking forward to a little vacation with the family. We plan on doing some fun things while in the windy city! Medieval Times, Science and Industry Museum, Children's Museum, Navy Pier, Legoland Adventures, American Girl Store, Sears Tower.... etc etc etc. In fact, there's so much to do and so little time. We wont' be able to do it all unfortunately.

I'll have limited internet access while we're gone. I will try and check in, but no promises. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programing next week. *hehe*

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  1. Cole Twins said...

    Good luck and have a SAFE trip! Make sure to pack your Shorts girlfriend, 'cause it's going to be around 20 degrees!! Not so clold for this time of year! HA HA!
    Have a good time!

  2. Kristina P. said...

    I hope you have a good time being with your family, and that his appointment goes well!  

  3. Shelia said...

    Have fun on your trip. Hope you remember your coats... it's cold up there this time of year! Good luck on the Neurosurgeon vist... and getting out of the American Girl store!  

  4. cltgrace said...

    And don't forget gloves, hats & scarves! Burrr...it's cold here, baby! Welcome back, in advance to the windy cidy. If you get the opportunity, warm up at the German Cristkindl (Christmas - or Christ child) Market at Daley Plaza. Magical! Hoping all goes well for your neuro visit.  

  5. cltgrace said...

    And thanks for overlooking all those typos - it's only 2 am. Safe travels~  

  6. Brunabug said...

    Good luck on the drive too.
    There is a Disney place there too. I went there 5 years ago. It was very fun.
    Hope to read some good news when you get back.  


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