Yes you heard me right, 26 socks.

Honest to God, cross my heart and... well never mind.

That's the number of "extra" socks I have in my lost sock sack. Whenever I run across a loner I toss it in this bag in our laundry room and every now and then I sit down, dump the bag out and become matchmaker.

Usually I have quite a few that find their partners, but today I only found 3, which left 26 socks to face another month or so all lonely and alone.

Trust me on this. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't see it with my own eyes, but there are seriously 26 different kinds of socks here!!

Where do the others go??

I didn't even know that many different kinds of socks existed.

There must have been10 variations of Hanes socks: Different sizes, colored "Hanes" logos, some with the grey toe and heel reinforcements, some without.

3 or 4 kinds of Old Navy socks: Again, different colors sizes and styles.

Nike...Addidas.... and lots of plain white socks without any brand whatsoever.

Long socks, short socks, big socks, little socks.


(Gah- am I starting to remind you of a certain Dr. Seuss book?)

Where do they all come from!?!

I firmly believe they were breeding in that there bag.

I guess I better go Google 'sock breeding' and figure out how to put a stop to it before it get's out of hand.

3 messages:

  1. Dorsey said...

    That totally socks! hehe

    I do this same thing with cups and lids in my house about 3 times a year. Various cups and lids sit on the counter and have a 2 day countdown. If their mates are not found in the given time limit, into the trash they go!

    Good luck with the future matchmaking. =)  

  2. Shelia said...

    Kristen, that sounds like life at my house! I'd bet the boys are worse at "losing" a sock than the Princess is, huh?! Happy matchmaking (and know that I sincerely feel for you!).  

  3. Diane said...

    Hah! I've got you beat! I've got one of those large Ziploc bags half full of lost socks! The baby's socks are the worst!  


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