Gah, my husband needs to go through Parenting 101 again.

So I'm at the store last night looking for a few things. Princess is with me (something I try to avoid because she is a terrible shopper). She was yet again- terrible. Downright awful! We'd been in the store all of 10 seconds when the first fit started. She's throwing a fit over the fact that there was no McDonalds in the store.... Okay- not my fault!!!! I have no control over that kid. *rolleyes*

I fight to get her into the shopping cart, then another fight to get her buckled, then another fight when she starts S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G at the top of her lungs over- who knows what!!! We've been in the store all of 90 seconds by this point and I've already had it. I swiftly take her to bathroom, swat her rear end (which we rarely do) have a quick converstion about behaving and we're back to shopping.

*SIGH* Are you tired yet? Because I was.

Then she threw her toy cell phone on the ground. I leaned over and picked it up. She had a gleam in her eyes that I instantly recognized. I could tell, she felt in that moment she was in control and every time she threw her phone down, I was going to pick it up. Eh, wrong! I immediately told her the next time she threw that phone on the ground I would NOT be picking it back up, nor any other toy she decided to throw.

Imagine that. By the end of our shopping trip, we had lost both the cell phone and a mini barbie doll because I refused to pick them up walked right over them. It felt good. She still wasn't behaving, but at least "I" was the boss and not her.

We got in the car and I called home and asked the Hubby what they wanted me to pick up for dinner. I then told him to make Princess a PBJ sandwhich because she was not going to be getting anything. Why? Because I threatened her in the store, if she didn't start to behave I would not be getting her a Cheeseburger on the way home.

Hubby just thought I was awful for doing that!!! I don't. As hard as it is, the one thing this little girl needs the most is consistency. He still does not get it! This little girl has Daddy so wrapped around her finger he's a total pushover. He was litteraly melting on the other end of the phone because I refused to give in. In the meantime, she's screaming at the top of her lungs from the backseat.

No wonder why we're having such a hard time parenting her than we did her brothers!!!!!!!! I need to send his rear end back through Parenting 101. One of the very first and important rules for toddlers is: FOLLOW THROUGH!!

Somebody please tell me, where do I sign him up??

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  1. Shelia said...


    I've been following your blog for a while now... And I think our husbands should attend a class together! My 3-yr-old Emma even tells people that her Daddy is "wrapped on my little finger". Know that I sympathize with you! All I can say is don't let the Diva rule the roost (which can be difficult with a Daddy's girl).

    (Also a mother of 4)  

  2. Alicia said...

    I'd like to know too! My husband is ready to run away from home after being around a whiny, fit-throwing 3 year old boy for a weekend! He can't understand how I put up with it all the time! Gee, like I have a choice!  


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