I was tagged! Kingdom of Chaos tagged me a MeMe.

(What's a MeMe anyway??) *giggle* I am a bit embarrassed to admit I had to look it up because I had no clue. So for those of you that are blog-dumb like me, here is the definition of a (blog) meme:

"For bloggers, Memes have become synonymous with internet quizzes, surveys, and novelties that people link to and pass around on their blogs, forums and via email for fun."

Ya HAD to know of course mine would be a photo of the 'Princess'!!

Here she is in a very large (on little bitty her anyway) Broncos hoodie, watching one of her brothers play football. For the record, I'd like to place all blame on the DADDY for leaving her jacket at home that chilly night!!!! lol

So anyhow, here are the rules for this Picture MeMe:

* Go to your sixth Picture Folder then pick your sixth picture.
* Hope that you remember the details and write a post about your tag/photo.
* Tag 5 others…

I tag: (In no particular order)
Momma's Musings
Driving the Big Black Bus
Rumblings and Bumblings
Keeping Afloat Most Days

Okay, okay I know I can't count and picked 6. So what! What are you gonna do about it??

3 messages:

  1. M said...


    Gosh I'm such an overachiever.

    Linked my peeps to your contest too. How cool!  

  2. Dorsey said...

    That is a REALLY cute Meme!!  

  3. Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

    What an adorable picture. I used to wear my Dad's shirts all the time when I was little. :) So sweet.  


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