The Princess 'Cinderalla'

All banged up!
NJ was 'Broken' this year.
(Kind of fitting if you ask me)

Christopher decided he was too old to dress up, but you can see him here 'Trick or Treating' with us before we dropped him off at the HS Football Game. (In the Blue Jersey)

Trey dressed up as a 'Football Player' and looks exactly like all the pictures I've already taken and posted before of him with his equipment on. *rolleyes*

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  1. Sandi said...

    your kids look adorable. I am thinking my oldest daughter won't be trick or treating next year. She's asked if I felt she was too old. She's 11 right I am thinking maybe. Girls are merciless and I don't want other girls picking on her. 12 is a bit old to do it. It only dawned on me this year though that it will be her last. =/  


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