The day has finally come. It's my turn!

My turn for what you ask?
...My turn to enjoy some of the sweet aspects having a little girl will bring. Things like Ballet. Tap Dance and Gymnastics.

Why is this such a big deal you ask?

...Well, I've been on the other side. Standing at the Mall watching as girls dance around in their tutus and tap shoes. All while my 3 strapping boys urge me to keep walking. I've sat through countless Soccer, Baseball and Football games. These things are not the same for me. I grew up with a sister. All things Boy were foreign, and while I learned to speak Boy along the way, I've always yearned for sugar and spice.

Now that Football is over, I've begun researching Dance Studios. There are just so many I'm having a really hard time deciding which one to go with. Some are very strict insisting we only have a specific brand of ballet shoes and leotard. While others are extremely lax and don't even care what the kids wear to practice just as long as they are comfortable. Is one better than another?? Or should I go with one in between? Should I go for a once a week class or try and get her enrolled twice a week?

My biggest fear of course is Princess's listening skills. I can just picture her climbing the wall as the instructor tries to teach the rest of the class how to perform a plie! I suppose we won't know until we try.

Do any of you have your daughter in Dance? What was your child's first experiences with it? How did you choose the Studio you take her to?

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    I am on dd #3 of dance...I have a 23, 20 and a 10 yr old. We have been in dance class for 20 years...I would choose the middle of the road... you want some structure and rules...but not the ones where you need to wear a certain something or lots of makeup etc... We started with one class one time a week... and added fact the littles could only do one class... My older dds have both stated that dancing has helped them in lots of ways...working together in groups and stage presence... I am not a fan of dance teams or competition tho. Our studio's philosphy is everyone can dance! Good Luck in your decisions!  


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