I'm having such a hard time understanding all this html STUFF! In the past, I've had complaints from individuals that could not access my blog. I had no clue why. Recently, I made the big switch from IE to Firefox (Wow, big improvement! I must have been under a rock all this time) I thought perhaps that was why some people couldn't access the blog so I tested it in both browsers.

What I saw was completely unexpected. The blog looked totally different!! It was downright UGLY. Colors and Fonts that I had not chosen. Anyway, I *thought* I fixed it. Then someone brought to my attention that some people cannot see my header correctly because the font I use ISN'T installed on everyone's computer.

That's odd. You mean not everyone likes the same fonts that I do?? WELL WHY THE HECK NOT! heeheehee

To make a long story short, this is what I see when I look at my blog....

What do YOU see?
Anyone care to help a girl out?

I think I need professional help. Photobucket

(No not THAT kind!)

4 messages:

  1. Alicia said...

    I see the same thing you do. :)  

  2. ChandraJoy said...

    I saw the same thing you did yesterday, but now I don't see the picture on the right. I wish I could give you some help, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to stuff like this. Hope you figure it out.  

  3. ~Momma Chaos said...

    ok now just the other day (my days run together so it could have been yesterday or a week ago?) I saw what you see.. HOwever today, it's different. The adorable feet picture & all the stuff underneath is no longer in the brown sidebar but is directly underneath your post instead? Go figure! Hope that helps some!  

  4. annie said...

    I see the same thing you do, too. I use Firefox.  


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