Little Window Shoppe is giving away a Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse!

The Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse is the only dollhouse that comes to life and encourages caring, sharing and preparing as your child plays! It has 12 big rooms; 400+ activities, songs, words and sounds; it helps children learn social and emotional skills through imaginary play and real-life experiences; and it is a 2008 Outstanding Product Winner! To see this dollhouse in action, please visit this Caring Corners link.

In addition to choosing one lucky winner, they are also going to give a 2nd Dollhouse to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now, having spent a good deal of time in the Hospital with my son, I realize how important wonderful toys like this can be to the children who have to be there! Major kudos to them for doing this!

So if you're interested in participating as well, mosey on over to Little Window Shoppe and enter sometime before Oct. 23rd!

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