Okay, so in previous PARENT CHILD INTERACTION THERAPY classes we have been practicing Child-Directed-Interaction.

Well, we've now moved onto the next phase. Parent-Directed-Interaction. We've yet to practice it in class, we'll get to in next week. For now, we are just learning about it and how it works. Let me tell you, I am FREAKING OUT. I just know we're going to be sitting in the little room with the 1 way mirror for HOURS trying to get our very stubborn, oppositional child to do the things we will be telling her to do. You see, she's a sweet little girl, when you aren't telling her what to do. The second someone starts giving her directions, she totally melts down!! (okay, well not always but often)

Anyway, here is what PDI looks like:

Again, there are very strict things you can and cannot say!

Direct commands- Telling, NOT asking
For example:
"Can you help me clean up now?"
"Please help me clean up now."

Stay Positive (Tell child what TO do, not stop doing)
For example: Child is on the kitchen counter
"Don't climb on the counter."
"Get down please."

One Command at a time
For example:
"Brush your teeth, comb your hair and put your shoes on."
"Brush your teeth."

Neutral tone of voice

Polite and respectful

Always provide a consequence, for obedience and disobedience!!

Now... there's a big flow chart on how we will make everything go together and what steps to take based on different reactions. Instead of me trying to explain them to you check out this fabulous SLIDE SHOW...

Wow. On one hand, it's a strict and very thorough time out. On the other, there are so many rules!! So much to remember. My head is spinning just thinking about it. I'm SOOOO glad we will be directed though the 1 way mirrors. Our daughter does NOT sit in a time out. Her version of time out is to get up and RUN the second you turn your back!! *giggle*

We'll see.... I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.

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  1. M said...

    Oh, tell me how it goes. My Sal doesn't so much melt down at direct commands. She just stares you down and doesn't move. Something like this may work for us.  


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