So, I've touched on issues with my 12 year old, (whom I will refer to as Christopher) in previous posts. He can be such a good kid. He's very mature for his age and I like to think we've taught him good manners.

Christopher's really trying my patience lately though. I think part of the problem is that he sees his younger brother NJ, getting lots of extra attention. We've tried putting things in perspective for him. I mean, NJ had BRAIN SURGERY after all. He can't go to school. He can't ride his bike. He can't jump on the trampoline or play football or any sport for that matter right now. I imagine he would jump at the chance to trade places with you dude. Christopher acts like he understands, yet he continues to act out?

Today he is enjoying his first day of ISS. (In School Suspension)

He was disruptive in his classroom yesterday, hanging from the doorways and ignoring the Teachers constant requests that he straighten up. Just downright defiant. NOT OKAY!!!!! Obviously I don't know exactly how it went down, because I was not there, but he must have been just awful for them to give him ISS. The school works on a card system. I'll have to dig out my paperwork, but I do remember them given wayyyyy to many chances before giving detention, and then "Thursday School" followed by "Saturday school" and ISS was the step AFTER THAT. Christopher has never had any of those others. So you see, he must have been just untolertable.

But what do you do when they don't seem to give a flying flip that they're being punished? ...and at 12!? We've pulled ALL electronics, privileges, allowance and put him to work. He had to write apology letters to both his Teacher and the Principle (Our request by the way, not theirs) and must bring the letters home today signed.

What more can I do???

The worst part of it all? My youngest son (8) idolizes Christopher and has been acting up as well. I just know it's due to his brothers influence.

ACK! Calgon take me away please....

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  1. Brenda said...

    I think what you have done is good. I have no idea how to deal with these issues because I only have a 3 year old, and don't have any brothers. My husband and I have looked into Love and Logic as a Foster Parent ongoing training seminar to renew our license; not sure if you have as well. If not, they too have many ideas and suggestions on how to deal with your pre-teen children as well as teenage children. They have books that you might be able to check out at the library or purchase on I think the letters to his Teacher and Principle are good.  

  2. jeneflower said...

    I don't know. When my son was having problems I took him out to home school, but that is not for everyone. I think the Love and Logic book idea is good.  

  3. TONYA said...

    I have a 12 year old. I get it. Ugh. Mine seems to be 12 going on 16 right now - going from a straight A student to an F student. The words detention and grounded are thrown around our house more often than underwear is changed. I wish I had some helpful advice to offer.  


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