My head is pounding. After walking on air for the last few days (excitment over the Adoption date) I was suddenly brought back down to reality.

NJ's Neurosurgeon in Chicago requested we have a Swallow Study done before our appointment next month. So I put a call into our pediatrician here in Oklahoma City and told them what needed to be done. (I told them he needed a "SWALLOW STUDY" just as it was worded to me) I also made sure they have the name and number of the specialist in Chicago in case there were any questions.

His "Swallow Study" was scheduled for today. As I checked in, they verify with me that we're getting a "Barium Swallow"? Ummm?? I guess?? I tell them, we're getting a Swallow Study done. No one questioned me, so I assumed that Barrium Swallow is a different name for a Swallow Study.

Well, I was wrong. After the procedure was completed, the Pysicians Assistant tells me he swallowed the liquid just fine, no problems.

Liquid? Ummm... he doesn't choke on liquid. Just foods.

The PA then says there is another test, a Dysphagiagram that looks at the chewing and swallowing of foods and textures.

OMG, so I just payed for a very expensive procedure that we didn't need!?!? Somewhere in the communication between Neurosurgeon, Pediatrician and Hospital, someone screwed up. I'm not familiar with the Medical Name for these tests. How am I supposed to catch on to something like this?

I'm mad!

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  1. Kids Special Needs said...

    Ya know, the whole medical thing with kids is so hard to begin with that it's infuriating that some dumbass in the medical community screws these things up!!!

    I'm saying "Grrrrr...." too!  

  2. Cole Twins said...

    Thank you so much for posting on my blog.
    Why don't you email me and we can Chat about Dr. Frim.

    my email addy is:

    We had the swallow study done as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  3. happyadoptingmom said...

    I am so sorry. Praying they can get you in soon for the right test and it is not too expensive.  

  4. Dream Mommy said...

    Smiley had one done and I don't even know the difference!  


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