Have you ever heard of Angel Flights?

Angel Flights help people in need of air transportation for medical appointments and treatment. They fly the patient and one other person (parent) completely free of charge. They are able to do so by way of volunteer pilots and donations from individuals, foundations, clubs and corporations.

We applied, and have been approved for Angel Flights to take NJ to the Comer Childrens Hospital in Chicago next month!

While I am extremely pleased, I find myself wondering if it will work out in the end. You see, you must have a back up flight plan. Angel Flights is not guaranteed. Meaning if there is any kind of bad weather, a pilot cancels or there is a problem with a plane, the trip could be cancelled. Last minute commercial tickets will be outrageous to purchase, which leaves me driving. Alone with a child all the way to Chicago. Yeah, it's just a tad bit scary to think about!!!

Yikes, pray for clear weather in Chicago on Feb 19th.

Tomorrow is the big ADOPTION day!!! Check in later in the evening for a special video presentation and pictures.

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  1. ~ Kelly said...

    Wow, how cool! I've never heard of that before! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good Chicago weather :)

    Yippee on your adoption tomorrow!!  


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