The reviews are in…. Elmo’s Potty Time get’s an A-

After reading other reviews of the DVD I had mixed feelings. It seemed you either loved it or hated it, so I was a bit skeptical going in.

The movie arrived through the mail via Blockbuster. I wasn’t about to buy it before I previewed it after reading those reviews! I popped the DVD in and sat down on the couch with The Princess and her Cousin (also 2). The girls were very interested. Watching intently as Sesame Street characters talked about the different words for PeePee and PooPoo. Another popular phrase was WeeWee and WooWoo. Then children came onto the screen yelling what they call the stuff. Let’s see, there was piddles, tinkle, widdle even URINATE. HA!! Poopa, caca, poopy and my favorite (not that I’d ever have my 2 yr old use it though) DOOKIE.

This show is absolutely filled with jokes and humor that goes right over the kid’s heads, but makes watching entertaining for parents. I had no problem sitting through the whole thing.

There are lots of songs throughout the show with the puppets singing and dancing. The song “Accidents Happen” was okay. “TP Factory Rap” was amusing, but my personal favorite was “The Dirty Diaper Blues”. Let’s see if I can remember the way the song goes….It’s all bad news…. If it all comes right out Halleluiah! ….No more dirty diaper blues… there were even skats using poopoo/peepee. During that song, my husband and I looked at each other raised our eyebrows and began laughing. Really, it’s a fun DVD!

Another plus of the show is the segment where they flash from toilet to toilet, the lid slams shut and it flushes loudly. For any of you that have ever potty trained a toddler, toilets can be a bit overwhelming. The loud noises sometimes scare the kid so much that they refuse to go. I believe this will definitely help desensitize kids watching from being so scared of those sounds.

Elmo’s Potty is a lot like Sesame Street in that they move from one thing to the next to try and keep children’s attention. One of my favorite parts is the Radio Play-by Play, 10.0 SINK BOWL EVENT. A girl is washing her terribly dirty hands step by step, with an announcer calling her plays. What a fun way to demonstrated all the steps of hand washing!

The reason I give Elmo’s Potty an A- instead of an A+ is because I did have a hard time keeping the girls interested towards the end of the show. They had lost interest and went off to play. I think that might have something to do with their age, being fairly new 2 year olds.

So there you have it, my Elmo’s Potty Review! Enjoy, even if your kid doesn’t like it, I think you will get a kick out of it. J

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