I’m so excited preparing for this Saturday. Every now and then I do like to be spontaneous.  When we lived in Colorado, we’d jump in the car and drive up to the Mountains.  Spend the day up there doing just about anything.  Enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  Of course we’d have to stop at Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs on the way home. It’s a family tradition of sorts.  As a kid, my parent’s would stop on the way home from our weekend ski trips.  At the time, their salad bar was in a ginormous (and yes that’s a word…isn’t it?) antique Bear-Claw Bathtub.  It was pretty neat!  The pizza has unique crust that you douse in Honey when you’re finished.  It’s a meal built in one.  Gaaaahhhh, wonderful memories!!!

Now that we’ve moved, I need to find new and exciting places to go.  We really haven’t had the time to get out much.  The boys have been excited about the new Spiderman Movie coming out later this week.  I got a great idea to get a babysitter for The Princess and surprise the boys with tickets!  Much to my surprise, I found that Spiderman 3 is showing in select IMAX Theatres.  If you’ve never been to an IMAX theater, you just have to go!!  It’s amazing.  Absolutely H-U-G-E.  It’s so cool, it actually feels like you’re part of the movie!  The perfect screen to watch Spiderman on.  Of course, the nearest IMAX that will be showing the movie is in Tulsa.  Oh, about an hour and a half from us.  Soo… we’re making a day trip of it.  The tickets are bought and paid for.  (I was sure to do that early as opening weekend, the movie will be sold out) Sitter’s lined up and we’re good to go.  We were instructed to arrive an hour early to ensure you can sit together.  IMAX is unique in that you want to sit as far back as you can to get the best view.  I want the perfect seats so we plan on arriving even earlier to get in line. The kids have no idea of course.  They are going to flip when they find out!!!  I can’t wait.

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  1. jeneflower said...

    That is great that you are just taking the boys out. I should do that. I am so focused on Pineapple all day that I forget that the boys need my attention too!

    Also, great list below! When I did mine it was a tag that was going around. Maybe it should start up again.  


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