1. My name is Kristen, with a K

2. I am often called Kirsten, Kristy, Krista or Kristine

3. I gave birth to my first son at the age of 17
4. I was married at 19

5. I gave birth to 3 boys

6. I am adopting our little girl from the Foster Care System.
7. I have 1 sister

8. I am a young mom

9. Sometimes, I feel twice my age
10. I have had 2 Wedding Rings

11. I lost the first
12. I have had 2 honeymoons

13. I’ve only been married to 1 man

14. He knows me better than I know myself
15.  My middle name is Haley
16.  According to my mom, I’m named after Hayley Mills
17.  According to my Dad… Hayley’s Comet
18. I was born al’ natural by homebirth

19. That was rare in 1978

20. I gave birth in the hospital!

21. Epidural was my best friend

22. I was in HS when my first son was born
23. I still graduated with Honors

24. (National Honor Society)
25. I went to College to become a nurse

26. A week before clinicals were to start, I dropped out
27. I couldn’t leave my babies in Daycare for 12 hours a day.

28. I don’t regret my decision

29. I don’t want to be a nurse anymore

30. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up

31. I come from a family of 4. (2 parents, 2 children)
32. For a time, my cousin lived with us and we were a family of  5

33. I am the baby

34. I am the baby on my Mother’s entire side of the family, yet I had the very first grandchild

35. My Mother was a Teacher
36. My Father was too
37. I hated that all of my Teachers personally knew my parents

38. I had higher expectations than most kids because of it

39. I began to rebel in 10th grade

40. I did things that were illegal

41. I nearly got kicked out of school because of it.  (Expulsion hearing and all)

42. I had to show the world I wasn’t a “Teacher’s Pet”

43. My first job, I was a Birthday Clown

44. I hated that job
45. I hate clowns
46. I hate it when people/things don’t match

47. My husband is the worst
48. I sometimes have to help him

49. I don't know why
50. He is slightly better now
51. Sometimes we go to church
52. I believe in God

53. I’d like to go more often, but can’t seem to find the time

54. I never want to be pregnant again
55. I had terrible migraines during pregnancy

56. I wanted a little girl
57. to dress up…

58. to shop with…

59. to help balance our home
60. Adoption came faster than we had anticipated
61. We weren’t looking for a child just yet

62. We were doing Foster Care to prepare for our future Adoption experience
63. Our daughter came to us and it was meant to be

64. We did however have a court battle
65. $10,000 later…

66. God said it was meant to be

67. My husband and I don’t have much in common

68. He’s a gamer (Xbox 360)

69. I have no interest

70. I am a morning person
71. He is not

72. Yet we’ve made it through tough times

73. We’ve been married for nearly 10 years

74. I am a very generous person

75. If I won the lottery I would probably give tooo much of it away

76. In 3rd grade mini society, I told all of the “merchants” to KEEP THE CHANGE
77. I single handedly messed up the entire society!

78. The Teacher was disappointed. So much for being generous! 

79. I love to surf the internet

80. I am beginning to love Gardening
81. I hated Gardening as a child

82. I am a cat lover

83. I sometimes hate my dog

84. She’s a nuisance, just this morning ate my tomato plants that I had started from seed!

85.  I’m a red-head
86. The black sheep of the family, everyone else has brown hair

87. I wasn’t adopted.  I have pictures to prove it

88. My favorite vacation spot is Disney World

89. It’s the best place in the world  
90. I’m a Pottery Barn Kids snob

91. …and a Gymboree snob too
92.  I spend more money on my daughter’s clothes than I do my son’s combined

93. Even so, I rarely pay full price

94. I’m also a Clearance Queen

95. Target is my favorite everyday store
96. I can spend hours there, Starbucks in hand
97. I am in love with Photography
98. I take after my father in that regard
99. I wish I had falling in love with Photography before he died, so he could teach me the ropes
100. I love to eat
101. I eat too much I’m sure
102. I am a very anxious person (thanks to my mother)
103. If people show up at my door or call unexpectedly I panic
104. I need time to prepare
105. I’ve been known to hide behind a couch when the doorbell rings
106. I’m much better now
107. I was into performing arts as a child
108. Singing and Acting were my forte
109. I miss it sometimes
110. I hope one of my children is a lover of the arts
111. So far, none of them are
112. I am a forgiving person
113. I have a hard time with liars though
114. Lying is my biggest pet peeve
115. I have a very strong intuition
116. I know things…I sense things
117. Not exactly like a Medium, but you can’t get away with lying around me
118. My husband is paranoid because of it
119. He can never get’s away with anything
120. My kids can’t either
121. I learned to ski at the age of 5
122. I suffered a serious injury at the age of 8
123. I’m not a big fan of skiing anymore
124. I always wanted a large family
125. I am very blessed



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  1. S2M2 said...

    Love this list!!

    You crack me up Kristen!

    You are good peeps.  


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