Some of you may have noticed that I have a PayPerPost tag on my blog. I am a newbie to PPP, I've only been signed up for a couple of months but am so excited to part of it all! I've taken 1 opportunity and earned $5, just for posting on my Blog about something I am passionate about. It's awesome, I love that this kind of thing is available for Bloggers, Consumers and of course the Advertisers. I look forward to taking many more opportunities in the near furture and earn some side money for this years Christmas! If you're a blogger and are interested in finding out what blog marketing is all about, please look at my side bar and click on my PPP Badge.

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Good luck with PayPerPost! I use it on my other blog ( and have made about $400 so far! More popular blogs with higher Google ranks can earn way more, too... even hundreds of dollars for one post! Awesome deal, isn't it???

    - AnGeL  

  2. brcns265 said...

    How does the pay per post work? I looked at the terms and conditions and it said that you have to pay THEM and if you don't you will be hit up with attorney fees, etc. What do you have to pay them for???

    It sounds like a good deal..I just don't want to get into something that I'm going to have to pay for!


  3. Kristen said...

    I think you are reading about the other side of PPP. (The Advertisers)

    Bloggers are ~paid~ for creating sponsored content for PPP's Advertisers.

    I've never paid a dime. On the flip side, I've been paid by them several times.  


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