For different reasons we’ve decided that The Princess needs to drink Hormone Free milk, so I set off to the “Big Blue Box” to get some.  As I strolled down the milk isle, I remembered just how many different choices there are.  Boy #2 is allergic to milk and for the first 4 years of his life we had to buy rice milk.  Soy was out; he is allergic to it too.  (Apparently it’s pretty common if you’re allergic to one, you’re most likely allergic to the other)  Anyway, since he’s been able to tolerate milk for oh, about 5 years now I don’t pay attention to the different offerings in that particular isle.  I just open the glass doors and grab our usual- Whole milk for The Princess and 1% for the rest of us.

What’s that?  $3.59 for a ½ gallon of Organic, hormone free whole milk??  I about fell over.  The kid drinks 4-5 cups of milk a day.  There must be an alternative?  I looked further.  There must be a generic?  I looked some more.  There are many, many kinds of soy and rice milks, but only ONE Organic/Hormone Free milk available.  I reluctantly grabbed 2 out of the glass case and deposited them in my cart.  Upon arrival home, I announced to the husband…  “The Princess will only drink 3 cups of milk (or LESS) from now on.”  My head is still spinning, over $7 for a gallon of milk.  Oh the things we’ll do for our children.

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    You might do better to just buy a cow!  

  2. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas said...

    Do you have a Wild Oats near you? I usually pay $2.79 per 1/2 gallon. Also, Trader Joe's usually has it for about $5.50 per gallon. Or Costco for $2.89 each half gallon sold in cases of 3.
    Yes, I've tried and tried to find the cheapest way!  


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