Once again, I run into an Oklahoman that has no pride in where they live.  Our patio set was delivered today.  After a bit of small talk, the young Delivery Man, (in not so many words) declared I was an idiot for moving here.

This may sound really funny to many of you.  Heck over a year ago I might have agreed!  We all know the stereotypes that exist regarding certain places.  You know… Texans are all hicks, Californians are dumb blondes, Louisianan’s are red neck hillbillies, Utahans’ are polygamists…you know you’ve heard them before.  Yet, there’s a problem when you LIVE in a State and believe your own stereotype.

We moved here from Colorado a year ago and you know what, I actually like Oklahoma better!  It’s greener, cheaper and friendlier.  I know more people than I can count on both hands that also moved here in the last 2 years.  They all REALLY like it here as well! 

It seriously pisses me off when I’m asked why we moved to “OKLAHOMA”.  All with the tone in their voice as if we moved into a pile of dog poo…. I’m tired of justifying our move and my reasoning’s for liking it.  It’s painfully obvious these people have never been anywhere other than Oklahoma.  They have misconceptions of how Colorado really is. (I’m sure other places as well)

I tried explaining the differences.  I went back into my house with a smile on my face.  He walked to his truck scratching his head.  I don’t get it, and I probably never will. 





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  1. jeneflower said...

    It is a good think I read your post because I am from Utah and I thought this whole time that we were polygamist. ha ha I didn't know any polygamists there and I knew a lot of people!

    I totally agree with what you are saying- most places don't live up to their bad reputations. In some ways these reputations are good though because they keep too many people from moving in (except for maybe California).  

  2. jeneflower said...

    Ya I didn't proof read - I meant it is a good thing  


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