We have an animal in the house. It's large, cold and mean. It eats large socks in one gulp!!! Yes, you heard me right, it eats socks. What kind of Animal do you say? Well, my Dyson vacuum. Can you believe it ate an entire sock? I was cleaning, minding my own business and suddenly out of no where it pulled a sock out from under the couch. Before I could turn it off, it had sucked the sock right up. You'd think it would have gotten stuck in the pipes somewhere right? It didn't. In fact, by the time I turned the vacuum off, the socked was already inside the canister. I stood there speechless. Oh, and we're not talking about a little itty bitty baby sock, noooooo. We're talking about my 11yr old's, size 4 sock!! Things like this just don't happen.
So, anyone who's considering one of those really expensive Dyson vacuumes, I can tell you they are G-O-O-D. I have my husband to thank. Strange as it is, he was the one pushing for the Dyson. I didn't want to spend the money on it. I'm so glad we did though!! So, if you ever come to visit me, watch out. The Animal can be dangerous. Who needs a security system when you have a Dyson?
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  1. Gillian said...

    I almost killed our new vacuum cleaner when I sucked up one of the little one's baby slipper 3 years ago, there was smoke coming out of it! Hubby is thinking we should get a dyson - I'll let him know it can handle big boy socks!  

  2. Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

    I came over to say hi from top momma, I'm on the front page now too - I'm the feet. I've enjoyed visiting your blog, we have a lot in common! The ride on mower (get it, it's been the greatest time saver ever got our acre of grass!) the dyson (desperately want one!) Baby Dry (those babies are the best!) and finally OT (I actually know what it is, along with PT and SLP. My daughter gets it all ;-)
    Come buy for a visit, I'd enjoye getting to know you better.  


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