I was flipping through the pages of Parents Magazine a few days ago.  I turned the page and saw a Children’s Place Advertisement.  I use to really like Children’s Place clothing but for some reason I have not been real happy with their styles or their quality the last few years. 

The dress that the child was wearing was absolutely adorable.  It didn’t read ‘Childrens Place’ to me.  It seemed so much better!!  I was pleasantly surprised and made a mental note to order Princess the dress online.  As usual, I got busy doing other things and forgot all about it. 

I remembered yesterday and got online to order it.  I looked all over the site.  The dress was simply not there.  I checked the Magazine- yep March 2007 issue.  Hmmm?  It was really bothering me so I looked closer.  I finally found the dress on the website, in completely different colors.  The dresses offered on their website looked like typical ‘Children’s Place’.  (Remember, I’m not fond of their styles) The dress in the Magazine is a Cocoa Brown color.  These are BRIGHT pink and blue- not what I wanted at all.  I then remembered in the Magazine the Model had on a matching headband and scarf.  I proceeded to check the Accessories.  No such luck.  There is no headband or scarf, in ANY color!  By this point I am livid.  Yes, livid over a dress.  Well, maybe not the dress per se, but the idea that this company is advertising a product that they are not even selling!!

I decided to write customer service and complain.  After a lot of red tape, I finally got a complaint though to them.  This is the response that I got:

…we are waiting for inventory from overseas. We do not have an exact date as to when we will be receiving the inventory.  If you like you can check our website from time to time…please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, but the polka dot scarf is not currently being offered…

I am extremely irritated with all of this.  Why advertise a product that you do not offer???  I think I’ll skip shopping at The Children’s Place from now on.  I refuse to support this kind of thing.  I’ll just have to find a cute new dress somewhere else!

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  1. Overwhelmed! said...

    This bait and switch tactic is not cool! I hate when companies do that.  


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