I am really tiring of the stress that this Adoption is causing in our lives. It can’t be over soon enough…and instead of getting closer, it seems we’re getting further away. We moved from Colorado to Oklahoma in late April 2006. They did what is called an ICPC so that we were allowed to bring our daughter with us, even though her Adoption was not finalized. The ICPC process took until September. (5 long months!)

Since September, NOTHING has been accomplished but empty promises…a LOT of empty promises. For a few months, we dealt with the 2 States pointing fingers at each other. It’s come down to Colorado. They’ve dropped the ball. They’ve continued to drop the ball, over and over. My husband I finally came to the end of our rope. After weeks of emails and phone calls that are never returned, we decided to go up the chain of command. Caseworker’s Supervisor….Supervisor’s Supervisor…and so on.

Wow! That got their attention. Phone calls were returned immediately, only this time to get us to shut up they just told us LIES. Lies that came around the following week and bit them in their ass. More calls are made to the Supervisor’s Supervisor. What’s this? Now you are going to complain to us that you have 150 cases on your caseload and can’t just deal with ours? Umm, well if you had been doing your job for the last 10 freaking months, we wouldn’t need to be all over your ass like white on rice. So, because you people can’t do your job without someone holding your hand, we’re going to be here to make sure things are done properly. On a timely basis. Expect us to call you every single day if necessary! (When we didn’t back down, the Supervisor actually began to cry!)

Do we feel bad for standing up and being pushy? Not one bit!! Our Daughter deserves to be adopted by now. On Feb. 20, 2007 (next week) she will have been in our home, labeled a Foster Child for 2 long years! Doesn’t she deserve better than that!? Apparently Denver doesn’t think so. I guess they feel she can just remain a Foster Child forever? Oh yeah, that’s right…. You’re not paying us to take care of her like a typical foster family…hmmm, so that means you’re collecting money from the State for her care, and pocketing it! You’re making MONEY by leaving this child in foster care and not moving forward with her Adoption. This is such BS!!

Anyway, after raising a big stink and making workers cry, meetings were set for the next step of her Adoption process. In the meantime, they tell me about another ICPC. Only this time an Adoption ICPC. WTF? IN COURT, BEFORE WE MOVED, WE WERE NAMED THE ADOPTIVE FAMILY. Why not do the Adoptive ICPC last April???

Yeah, I’m honestly not seeing this Adoption finalized before next year.

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  1. Kate said...

    How frustrating for you and your family.

    I would be livid! That girl deserves a legal family! (((HUG)))  

  2. Overwhelmed! said...

    I'm so sorry you're going through this frustration! This makes me nervous to adopt through the state.  


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