Today is Wise Wednesday and have I got a good one for you!


Are you proactive in keeping up with your monthly Breast exams? These young Boys Scouts are helping to promote the early detection of Breast Cancer. How might you ask?? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself... (trust me, you wont want to miss this one!)

Yikes. I wonder what kind of patch they earn for that!?

(I especially liked the one talking about using the correct technique, waving his hands in circles and pinching his fingers together. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!)

5 messages:

  1. Shelia said...

    LMAO is right!!! Thank you for a good morning laugh!  

  2. Dorsey said...

    OMG! This is a RIOT!!! "We're gonna do them in my basement."

    So these boys are gonna get a badge for feeling up women. HAHAHA!! How on earth did that woman keep a straight face?  

  3. Cole Twins said...

    OMG - How in the heck did these boys troop leader agree to this??? And did you see the chic on the boys web page???? AAAKKKK!

    Too Funny!  

  4. Kristina P. said...

    Oh my goodness! What has this world come to?!?!?  

  5. Ashley said...

    I could not quit laughing!!  


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