Do your children wear glasses? I just have to share with you an awesome store I've found that sells discount eyeglasses. I'm talking CHEAP eye glasses. Cheaper than I've ever seen before! Cheaper than Sams Club or Costco even.

Two of my children wear glasses or contacts, and the 3rd recently got a referral to the Eye Doctor at as well. I'm sure he's on the way to needing glasses too. Anyway, if you or anyone in your immediate family wears Glasses, you know how expensive they can be right? Well not anymore! Keep reading, those days of expensive eye wear are now over.

Check this out....Zenni Optical offers Complete Prescription Eye Wear for as low as $8.00!

No seriously, even those expensive bendable Children's frames (that are a must have for our busy kids) are ridiculously cheap at Zenni Optical....

These Children's Bendable Titanium Glasses with Rx Lens are just $23.95!!! Yes, people that's lens and frame, anti-scratch coating, UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling. Unbelievable!!

Zenni Optical offers a huge selection of frames, and many kinds of lenses including the tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The Secret to their low prices is they sell only their own manufactured frames. There is no middlemen and they have virtually no advertising budget or retail overhead.

I know, I know, you're thinking these glasses aren't going to be as good as my name brand frames right? WRONG, a recent article from the Chicago Tribune addressed that very concern.

"But the secret about name-brand frames is companies such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren don't make the frames, Consumer Reports said. They just license their names to a regular frame manufacturer."

There ya go. A regular frame manufacturer similar to Zenni Optical.

Well, I know where I'm getting our next pair of glasses. Stop by and check them out, you'll be amazed at what they have to offer!

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