I am obsessed with the Caylee Anthony case.

"Two-year-old Caylee Anthony is missing and according to her mother Casey Anthony, she has been missing since June 9, 2008. Anthony told investigators that she left Caylee with a friend and nanny, but has since lost contact with her friend. Police were not told about the missing child until July 15, 2008, when the child’s grandparents reported Caylee missing after confronting Casey and learning that the mother had not seen her daughter for well over a month."

I find myself constantly running thoughts through my head. I'm reading all the details online that I can find. I'm watching 15-20 minute court rulings, interviews and jail visits....and why?? I am in no way involved with the case. They do not live near me and I have nothing to gain or lose.

Well, except for my time that is. Time that I don't have enough of already. :-(

Why did the mother wait over 30 days to report her child missing?
Why is she so flat!? There's no emotion there. Where are the tears?? Could she have really hurt her little girl and disposed of her? If so, she's a pathological liar, and a tad psychotic if you ask me. How can the mom go out and party at the Clubs when her 2 y/o daughter is MISSING? Is she mentally ill? Is she a drug addict? I don't really see either in the pictures and videos released. Then again, if she's truly on the straight and narrow then WHAT HAPPENED TO HER DAUGHTER!?

Where is Caylee?????

See for yourself! Watch these Jail House Tapes.

Ugggh... I have my own problems and family to worry about. Why in the heck do I need to worry about theirs too!?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I understand your obsession completely--I feel as frustrated about this as you do, and I don't know her or live anywhere near her either. I have a daughter about Caylee's age and if she were to be taken--by babysitter, friend, family or any other person (or even a welfare agency), I would be FRANTIC!

    Casey's behavior is stunning--she does seem very cold about it all-- it could be excused that not everyone does show their emotions in times of stress--some people are able to keep their cool under pressure-- but it is very weird for any mother to not even give a tearful plea to the kidnappers for her daughter's safe return.

    Who is Casey trying to protect?

    I also find Cindy, the grandmother, to be a little too much in all this as well. She claims she "knows" her daughter well, but nothing adds up. I know she wants to have faith in her 22-year old daughter, but I think her trust is misplaced. Then again, this could be an act by Cindy-- she may be supporting Casey in hopes that Casey will trust her and finally tell her the truth of what has happened. Granted, the public doesn't know all the details and we shouldn't speculate, but I'm willing to bet that Casey really does know more than she is telling the authorities, as if she is trying to protect someone, or several people, and I don't think one of the people she is trying to protect is her daughter Caylee, unless she has been told that Caylee will be harmed if she notifies authorities. If this is the case, then obviously, it's too late now.

    But still, if all that Casey tells is true, why would she put the welfare of anyone in front of that of her little girl? And again, why wait 31 days to tell even your family that your child is missing? Who is she trying to protect?

    I am hoping for the best-- that Caylee is found unharmed, that Casey is exonerated of any wrongdoing and those responsible are brought to justice, but
    I doubt that this will be the case.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I'm also obsessed! like you, I have no idea why. I tend to believe it's the mom in me and I just find it all so bizarre, I am dying to see how this turns out. In the beginning I felt bad for the family as a whole but the more I listen to them enable Casey to be an ASSHOLE, The less I tend to feel sorry for them. It' almost like she was raised to be this way!! I have a brother who my parents enabled the crap out of and he's sitting in prison too. Not for anything like this but jeesh!! Im a mom and always want to protect my children but if my kids did this I wouldn't support them in that. SOmeone needs to shake the shit out of her and get out what's really happened to this baby!! I hope she's alive and this will all go down as the most bizzarre story evr!! I can't come up with scenerios in my head anymore. I think the State of Florida should strip the whole family of thier rights and exclude them from everything other than the fact that they are ALL suspects.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    I am CERTAIN the mother did something to her daughter. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. I looked her up on myspace and saw she had left comments for her friends DURING the time that he daughter was suppossedly "missing". One "comment" was a video clip of the muppets. Another was telling a guy she missed him. Who logs into their myspace page and peruses muppet videos while their child is missing? I didn't see that on the news and in my opinion the case is closed. And who hires a babysitter while they are on a "trip". It didn't sound like she was working at all during her "trip" ( I'm referring to what the grandmother said on the cnn interview) who can hire a babysitter if they aren't working? Sounds like at first in the 911 calls the grandmother was suspicious and now she's done a complete turn around. HER daughter is not a murderer, she says. I haven't felt sorry for them from day one because it all sounded so CONVALUTED!!  

  4. TAL said...

    I think it is easy to be obsessed with this case because the mounting circumstancial evidence points to such an obvious conclusion. We all know where this one is heading. Just a matter of time and our worst suspicions will be confirmed.

    I take issue with the Grandma who keeps claiming she is actively looking for Caylee. Would someone please tell her that Caylee is not hiding inside the television camera?  

  5. Andrea said...

    I think the baby is dead and the mom killed her. Why else would she not talk? Please. That whole family is lying. The mom is not even acting like she is concerned. Why would a mom not report her kid missing? She is gearing up to fix her defense, not helping the police find her kid.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    The grandmother is enabling her daughter. Caylee is dead and it's only a matter of time before the DNA comes back from the evidence in the car and grandmother's back yard. If the grandparents are this stupid to protect protect their murderer child, well can't you see how this young woman thinks she can get a way with it? I disagree about no evidence of drug use. The woman and all of her friends are speed freaks. This is pure speed freak behavior. Stealing credit cards, cars, not knowing where your child is. She may have mental problems but the drugs are compounding her issues. For the grandmother to sya that Caylee will be found if the press behaves themselves, what kind of statementthinking is that? Get a grip old lady, your kid is a murderer and you created a monster.  

  7. JamiSings said...

    One would have to be really stupid to not realize that Caylee was either killed by her so-called mother, or sold to a childless couple (or a pedophile/to the sex slave industry). The "mom" is 100% to blame and the grandma needs to get her head out of her butt.  

  8. jeneflower said...

    This is the first time I have heard about this. Very disturbing.  

  9. M said...

    Is that the mom? I've heard and read about this but have only seen the grandmother.

    I just can't even fathom how a mother could do something like that.

    The lies to the police are just amazing.  


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