I'm feeling quite old now. Last night we made an appearance at the Jr. High my oldest son (12) will be attending next year. (Yes, they still call it Jr. High! How funny is that.) I believe I was one of the youngest moms there. I mean, how many mom's still in their 20's have 12 year olds!?! lol

We signed him up for Pre-AP English because well, he excels at English. (Takes after his momma I guess) He also got to choose electives for the first time. Of course, PE was his number one choice! Followed by Art. (I suppose he gets that from the other side lol)

What a social little butterfly he is. I think he knew every kid there. His name was constantly being called out and he was giving high 5's to every kid that passed. He truly is my opposite. I was such a quiet and reserved kid. I'm so glad that being social comes so easily to him. It will certainly make this transition to Jr. High (and later HS) that much easier.

I got to meet his little girlfriend. It's so cute to watch them blush and get all giddy at the sight of one another! I was impressed that his haircut didn't seem to turn her off in the least.

I know, you're asking why his haircut matters right?? Let me explain... he had one of those hairstyles that is oh-so popular right now. You know the look, the I haven't been cut in years look- SHAGGY EMO - so long it's in the eyes style. While my husband and I couldn't stand the sight of it, we'd chosen to allow him some control over that part of his life. It was his hair to do with as he pleased. Well... that free will ended recently after a constant bout of disrespect. It was our most recent punishment. Yep, you guessed it, we shaved his head. LMAO... and it worked!!! He's been much nicer and pretty well behaved since.

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  1. slothslady said...

    I totally feel your pain about being the youngest mom. Everyone on the PTO is seriously about 20 years older or more, than I am! Have fun with middle school, it is all about to get more interesting! Kirsten is off to HS next year. SCARY!  

  2. M said...

    Clever punishment, I like it!!!!  

  3. Gillian said...

    You are one smart Momma - I love that punishment. It'll be a constant reminder for a little while!  

  4. jeneflower said...

    I am older than you, but i was always the youngest mom with my older kids. I never felt like i could be friends with any of the other moms who hug out together because they were so much older than me. My son has been asked if i am his sister on several occasions. That is funny that the EMO word is prevalent everywhere.  


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