It's been a wild week. At one point, it almost looked as if this trip back to Denver would not happen after all.

It seems that because my prints were rejected by the FBI due to smudging, once new prints are drawn up, Denver can resubmit them at no cost. (whoop-de-do!)

What does this mean for me? Well, it means they tried getting out of doing them digitally. Yep. Soon after scheduling the appointment I got a phone call from the Fingerprint office. The woman called because she received my prints in the mail. (The prints I had done and mailed right away before decided that we would indeed eat the cost of a plane ticket and go have them submitted digitally) I told her no, just throw them away. I am flying in later this week. We want to submit them digitally to save time. You know ahhhh 3-5 DAYS vs. 8-10 WEEKS!? She said okay and hung up. 10 minutes later she called back and told me they would not submit them digitally because they can have them redone for free.... blah blah blah.

I begged and pleaded with her, even offered to pay for it myself. I wouldn't want Denver to be out $30 extra bucks, especially after delaying our case for sooooo long. (rolleyes, I'm being sarcastic) I was told "That's not our procedure."

So I hung up the phone and I cried. And cried and cried.

The next day, my husband got on the phone and started making phone calls. He went high up the chain of command and in the end, my appointment has been reestablished. I will fly to Denver, I will have my prints taken and submitted digitally.

Oh the stress of this case!!!!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't run into problems once I arrive in Denver.

2 messages:

  1. jeneflower said...

    O My Gosh. I hate it when people get so stuck on standard operating procedure that they don't really listen. They just run on automatic pilot according to the book. I am glad that you were able to shake some sense into their stubborn procedural ways, but I am sorry it was so much trouble. Good luck!  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    Glad to hear you'll be going to Denver after all! I hope this gets the process moving a little faster!  


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