We got word from Denver. They have been trying to get everything together so that we can finalize the Adoption on National Adoption Day (Nov. 17th) but it seems that they are waiting on 2 things.

1. Our annual fingerprints to be returned. They expect them by the first of November.

2. 2 of our personal references have not returned the reference letters. They've spoken with them personally and these people promise to have them returned in the next few days. (I have no idea which 2, or I'd be calling them and begging them right now!!!!!!)

So, they don't think they'll be ready to finalize by National Adoption Day, but rather on or around December 1st.


(Can you tell I could care less about it being on National Adoption Day??)

2 messages:

  1. Brenda said...

    Great news! cograts!  

  2. ChandraJoy said...

    That is really great news Kristen! I'm so happy for you guys!!  


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