I love shopping! I'm also what my husband refers to as a "Coupon Geek". If you're anything like me, you constantly look for coupons and other good deals. I often shop online at Gap, Gymboree and Old Navy but I NEVER complete a purchase without first running a search for online shopping coupons.

I don't understand why everyone doesn't do this? I've saved so much money over the years.

Right now we're in the market for a Wireless Pet Fence. We currently have the underground invisible pet fence, but we're having issues with the neighbor dog and children messing with the wire so we'd like to upgrade to the wireless system. You have to know, I am not one to go out and buy something without researching for the best price!

My search recently took me to Coupon Chief. Much to my surprise, Petco offers 10% off orders over $45. I'm so excited, call it a shopping high of sorts. We're talking a significant savings here because the wireless system runs around $300. Can you believe I'm about to save nearly $30!!

Finally, for those of you that aren't so 'Internet Savvy' and find it difficult to figure out how (and where) to use these coupon codes, Coupon Chief now offers detailed "how-to" screen casts for some of their top merchants. Sit back, relax and let them SHOW YOU how to save. It's all very cool!

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