I'm sitting here peering out the window praying for rain. No, it's not because we actually need the rain, because we don't. It's been pouring cats and dogs here for several weeks now. Yet I find myself contemplating getting down on my hands and knees to pray to the Rain God, please send us some rain!!!!!!!

Why? Well, I'm kind of embarrased to admit... I want rain to come so I don't have to sit through another Little Leauge Baseball game! I'm burnt out. It doesn't help that I am stuck packing up for, attending, and cheering on 2 of our son's (let alone supervising the other 2 children) all alone. 'The Hubby' works when the games are held and cannot attend so it's all me. Now I know how single moms have it and let me tell you, it sucks!

I'm burnt I tell you. To a Crisp. Maybe even deep fried. Aren't I pathetic?? I have 3 sons, this is just the beginning with them and Sports schedules.

I know I need to just suck it up, but I can still complain about it right? Yeah. Hmm, okay I feel better now.

Hmmmm, maybe not.

"Send rain!!!"
Oh, and you make it come oh, about 5:00pm?? Thanks.

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    I too have prayed for rain. But the sucky part is when it rains... and they DON'T CANCEL THE GAME! Then you are stuck with the other kids, shivering under blankets, watching a bunch of miserable kids play baseball in the rain!!!!! :(  

  2. Elizabeth F. said...

    You poor thing! I have not had to do the sports thing yet, as my boys are still young. But, I'm kinda dreading it! You can complain! You jsut need a break. :-)

    Love your blog!  


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