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A BIG OLE checkmark was added to the list of things Colorado must do to finalize this Adoption. Time for celebration!!! She's been with us since she was 2 days old. She's been free to adopt for over a year now (With us named as the Adoptive family) we were awarded a form of Custody. Then we moved to another State and have been sitting in limbo for many long months now. It's a relief to see things moving in a forward direction once again.

The checkmark signifys completion of the "Child Presentation". Apparently it is something that everyone goes through regardless of how long they've had the child. We are presented with the file and the child's history in order to make the decision to adopt. (Um, I think we've already made that decision oh, about 18 months ago!?) Anyway, 95% of the information they shared with us about The Princess is old news. Afterall, we've had her practically since birth! There were a few things that stood out that we didn't know about. Mostly things dealing with her Birth Parents. Nothing life shattering, but definately good information to know. We will also be receiving a copy of her birth records in the mail. They were not read during this meeting, probably because they're filled with Nurses notes and are very in depth. I'm very anxious to read them over!! We're hoping the Birth Records will address some unanswered questions that twe have.

Hopefully the process continues to move forward and we can finally put this all behind us.

2 messages:

  1. Dream Mommy said...

    Woohoo! Can't wait til she's yours!  

  2. And Wake Me With the Morning Light said...

    Ha, that's so weird that after you've had the baby so long, they still think they'd better tell you her whole history and everything! As if anything there would make you change your mind! (I guess some people would be different though...) Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!

    - Angel  


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