Envision this with me:


You’re about 2 feet tall… you think you’re ruler of the world…. things have suddenly not gone your way.  (That mommy lady wouldn’t let you stay outside with your brothers.  Something about not being big enough yet.) So you decide to let the World know you are NOT happy about it.  Arms stretched out high, fists clenched, face scrunched… you open your mouth and let out the loudest, ear piercing scream your little body can muster up. And it’s BIG!! 


So why isn’t it getting a reaction??  Perhaps if you scream again…  Your eyes wide, eyebrows raised and this time your little clenched fists shake as you belt out yet another shrill.

Still nothing. 

That mommy lady is just standing there grinning.  ARGH!  Not the reaction I was looking for.  Then she leans over and says I’ll have to do better than that.  Something about being her 4th child? 

Oh well, I guess I’ll go find something to play with.

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