A group of friends and I took a road trip down to Frisco, Texas.  It’s about a 3 hour drive from Oklahoma City.  Our intention for going was to shop at Ikea.  A store most of us have never set foot into before.  I’ve wanted to go to Ikea for many years now.  They are well known for some of their “sensory” furniture and toys.  Since 2 of my children have sensory issues, I was really interested in taking a look around.  Not to mention I love Ikea’s European Modern Style.

I think the six of us we were overwhelmed after walking through the front doors.  The place is H-U-G-E.  We probably looked like a bunch of deer standing in the middle of the highway with our eyes wide as can be.  We all found lots of really cool stuff.  Their prices were amazing.  A pot rack for $19.99!?  Unheard of!  After spending several hours in Ikea, we ventured out to Pier 1 Kids.  Another store none of us has ever been to. Keep in mind, this is a group of woman from New Hampshire, Colorado, Indiana, Oklahoma and even Hungary!  I couldn’t help but notice soooo many more unique stores around Frisco.  Bombay Kids, Sam and Moon, Ashley Furniture, Rooms to Go…. It’s a shoppers dream come true!   I can’t wait to go again when we have more time. (and more money!)

Upon arriving home I announced to my husband the next time we move, we’re moving to Friso, Tx.  He laughed. 

……I guess he thought I was kidding?



2 messages:

  1. thegoodgeeks said...

    OOOH. I love looking into new places to move. :O)

    My hubby is going to be pissed. LOL  

  2. Gillian said...

    I think I developed Ikea attention deficit disorder. I still can't believe I only spent $42!! Neither could hubby.

    When can we go back???  


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