The process of adoption through the Foster Care system is lengthy.  We've had our little princess since she was 2 days old, she will be 2 in February and here we are still waiting.  I guess moving from one State to another only further complicated the whole mess, I just wish it was over already. 


As my husband and I gather documents for tax preparation, it occurs to me that we do not have the Princess’s Social Security Number.  I put a call into her caseworker and haven't heard from her since.  That was over a month ago.  It's not looking good, so I call the Social Security Administration myself.  In order for them to release that information to me, I need to gather a bunch of documents including "Official" court records saying she is legally in my custody.  Unfortunately, that would require work from the ~awol~ caseworker!!  I've got copies of that information, but certainly no "official" documents nor the originals.


Speaking of caseworkers…  I understand the job stinks.  They are overworked and underpaid.  I get that.  What I don't get is how hard it is to return a simple phone call or email.  Since moving from Colorado to Oklahoma over 8 months ago, we have had 1 home visit.  They are supposed to be doing monthly welfare checks on her!  No visits, no phone calls or contact of any sort...hmm  Somebody has dropped the ball and our little girl is falling through the cracks.  If we were to suddenly pick up and move out of the Country, no one would notice or care.  There's just something about this that really bothers me!!  What if we weren't good people after all?  Who is looking out for this child left in limbo by red tape?? 


After this experience, I can honestly say I am not surprised to hear about Children that have gone missing from the Foster Care system.  Children that are abused or killed at the hands of their Foster Parents.  It's a sad reality, one that I never wanted to know! 


So, as I hug and kiss my sweet baby girl every night when I tuck her into bed, I thank God that she's with us.  She's fallen through the cracks, but is lucky enough to be with a family that loves her to the moon ~and back again.

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  1. Overwhelmed! said...

    Kristin, I found you through Mom Blogs and was interested in checking you out because you mentioned adopting through foster care.

    My husband and I are seriously considering going this route for our 2nd adoption. I guess my biggest fear is having a child, bonding with that child for 12-24 months, and then having to give the child back to his/her biological family. It's such a long wait to know for sure!

    How have you handled this?  


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