We’re sitting at the table eating dinner when the phone rings.  My oldest, Boy #1 jumps up and grabs the phone.  I tell him to let the voice mail get it because we’re eating dinner.  The rest of the conversation goes like this…


Me:  Who was it?

Boy #1:  Karissa

Me:  Oh.


Me: Why don’t you ever talk to Makenna anymore?  (This was a girl that used to call constantly and I hadn’t heard about her recently.)

Boy #1:  Because all she cares about is herself. (He mocks her saying ME, ME, ME!)

Me:  Oh really?  What do you mean?

Boy #1:  Every time she calls, the first thing out of her mouth is “How did I look today?” …Did you like my shirt…stuff like that. 

Me:  Well, she’s a girl.  Girls worry about that kind of stuff.

Boy #1:  Yeah, well she thinks she’s ‘all that’.  She walks around being so bossy.

Me:  Oh?  Yep, she’s definitely a girl!  You have to remember girls are different than boys.

Boy #1:  She yells at her friends if they talk to me- like she owns me or something!  So I broke up with her.  Now I’m going out with Karissa.


(We’re interrupted by Boy #2:  You can’t go out with her! You’re not even 30 yet.)   


Me:  So is Makenna really mad?

Boy #1:  Yep.  She asked another boy in my class to go out with her, but he’s MY friend and he knows she’s just trying to get back at me so he told her no.


…ahhhhhh, it starts early doesn’t it?  These are 11 year olds!


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