I’m an overprotective mom.  Rightfully so. 

I’ve stayed home with my children ever since my oldest (now 11) was about 3.  He was abused at the hands of his daycare provider.  My husband and I decided things needed to change.  I dropped out of college and quit my job to stay home and raise our children full time.  To this day, I don’t regret dropping out of College.  It was the best decision I could have made at the time.  Someday I may go back.  I don’t know.  Children are only young once in their lives.  When you miss it, it’s gone.

We rarely leave our kids with anyone now, even family members.  This weekend, my husband and I had a conference to attend.  Our children stayed in the trusty hands of my sister (Aunt K)…now realize that Aunt K only has 1 child that’s barely 3 months old.  Suddenly being entrusted with the lives of 4 children, including a high maintenance 23 month old has got to be overwhelming!

All things considered, I was confident. I felt good about leaving them with her.

When we arrived home, I found everything in order but wait, what’s that?  You laid The Princess down for a nap at what time?!  10:30am?  Wow, that’s really early.  No wonder she cried and cried….  (My heart is breaking at this point)  I understand she was in the way while you were fixing lunch, but she doesn’t go down for nap until after lunch…poor baby.  

Could my heart ache any more??  Maybe it’s trivial to all of you, but thinking of my child crying out and confused… arghhhhh see, this is why we never leave them with others.  See, even Aunt K isn’t good enough for me.  I know, I’m ridiculous!  

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